Agent Franke is producing performing art in the field of contemporary circus and physical theatre.

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 Previously represented:

M.P.A.C. – Mighty Performing Arts Collective


Photo: Klara G

With a large dose of physical comedy, flexible bodies and hairy creations, M.P.A.C. creates a clown show for the 21st century.​

HAIRY TALES  is about head hair and body hair – shaved, overgrown, dyed and lost. By putting standards of hair under the microscope and sharing personal experiences, a comic story is revealed on the boundary between theater, circus and performance art.

M.P.A.C. about the show:

” It is feminist because we are feminists and we have the opportunity to create this show in our own universe without having to deal with nor patriarchal structures or the male gaze. Unlike the norms of traditional circus where women are expected to participate amongst muscular men as a beautiful display, we refuse to be assistants or “fancy props”. Our starting point is similar to punk music as it means to do things in our own way, to create art that might not confirm to the commerially sought and to strive for authenticity before perfection. Through the clown, we reach our ambitions. To us, the clown is by nature anarchic and functions like a kind of society’s conscience. The clown exists in the contact with the audience. Humour is a driving force. At the core is play. “

M.P.A.C. creates original works of performing arts through devising steeped in a standard critical and feminist approach. Founding members of M.P.A.C. are Karin Svensson, Jenny Soddu, Kajsa Englund and Camilla Rud.


” More silly circus has rarely been seen. The unshakened puck of the punk among the hair roots. It’s annoying, sloppy, proud and very much humor. ” – Sandelin/Kultursidan, 18.08.2018


“If you did not see Hairy Tales yet, DO IT ! … Intelligent feminist punk performance with excellent clowning, a wide diversity of tricks, characters, costumes, comic scenes all better one after the others! A dose of pure laughter. We all need it!” – DOCH / Marie-Andree Robitaille, Nov. 2017

Photo: Alex Hinchliffe

HAIRY TALES  was rewarded with the price ” Expect the unexpected” on Stockholm Fridge Festival in October 2016.

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