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Kristofer Lönnå

Kristofer loves to create a world within the image, a story. The people in Kristofer’s images often look artificial, a little like cartoon characters. More recently, his photography has adopted a more extreme form, a kind of heightened reality.

Kristofer bought an SLR camera and started to photograph his skate and snowboard friends in the late 80’s. He later worked with both fashion and advertising photographers over the years and he has amongst others assisted photographer Anton Corbijn. Kristofer Lönnå has also been highly topical as one of the finalists in the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Awards. Kristofer also won the big competition in Mucnhen – ISPO AWARD 2015, one of the largest sports trade shows in the world. Kristofer latest exhibiton ” MY WAY” was displayed at Hotel Diplomat sep-oct 2016 in Stockholm, those portaits are now for purchase.

Client: Universal, MCM Management, Fjällräven, Bolagsverket, SPV, Ninetone Records, Live Nation, OP Communication, Lajv Magazine, Du&Co, Veckans Affärer, Volkswagen magazine, amongst others.

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