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Izabella Englund

An inspiring and unafraid photographer who can take on almost anything regarding photography. With enormous creativity and playfulness, her pictures sometimes border on storytelling. Today she works mainly in portraits, art, and travel photography.

She works continually with her own projects, and her exhibitions have repeatedly caught the attention of the press. Her exhibition, “Reflections of Fluorescent Light” was displayed at Stockholm’s Story Hotel 2014.

Izabella also had her latest collaboration together with James Top and two of the best graffiti artists, were they together put up a big exhibition called “In Spirit” in NEW YORK this autumn 2015. The exhibition was displayed at Image Nation Raw Space Gallery in Halem, NYC.  Those picures were also displayed at Reisen Hotel in old Town in Stockholm 2015-2017. If interest, all her art work are available for purchase through Agent Franke.


Client: Kvarnholmen AB, Kuab, Rodeo, Live Nation, Andrea G Design, Paniq, Femtastic, Knock, Trädgården - huset under bron, Advokaterna Hurtig & Partners m fl.

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