Agent Franke – is partly a photo agency who stands behind the creative and innovative photographers. In additon to this Agent Franke also produces performing art. ( See Producer)

Responsiveness and Quality is leading all phases of our engagements through over Photo Agency! On-time delivery , clarity and structure are some of our watchwords. We work very closely together with our photographers and put a lot of emphasis on qualitative and personal relationships. This makes us an unbeatable team.

We seek to promote photographers who stick out and clearly put their own unique niche on display. We represent photographers who dare to distinguish themselves and has proven that they work with professionalism to deliver high-end productions. They all do both advertising and editorial work.

[one_half] All our photographers are experienced from numerous of years of freelancing. Either if you are searching for innovation or have a clear own idea, for business or commercial purpose, advertising or newspaper – we are available and open to create an execution plan together with you! All projects are based on an intimate cooperation between client and photographer. Individual planning around everything from budget to logistics is the foundation that allows us to deliver productions with great precision and thorough dedication.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Patricia Franke is herself a professional photographer and has previously worked freelance. As an agent she’s previously had both longer and shorter assignments working with several large, established photographers and artists, in preparation for exhibitions and other projects. She has broad knowledge in the fields of film and photography as well as a large understanding of the significance of the picture, the clients wishes, and the work of the photographer from beginning to end.[/one_half_last]